Home Remedies for Dark Skin

Do you have dark skin? Are you searching for remedies to have fair skin? There are a lot of fairness creams available in the market these days, which help in imparting a fair glow to the skin and the complexion of an individual.These products are really very expensive and may not be affordable by everyone. Also, the commercially available fairness creams and lotions contain chemicals, which may be harmful for the skin of an individual at times. Therefore, home made remedies are considered to be the best for dark skin. Let us here discuss about some of the effective home remedies for dark skin.

Home Remedies For Dark Skin

Orange peels are dried and mixed with curd. The prepared mix is applied on the face thereafter. After around fifteen minutes, the face is washed with cool water.

A mix of raw milk (two teaspoons), gram flour (one tablespoon), and lime juice (few drops) is prepared. The prepared pack is then applied on face. It is then allowed to stay on face till it gets dry. Thereafter, it is removed with the help of water. This mix can also be applied to other dark areas of the skin such as knees and elbows. A great glow on the skin is attained as a result.

A few almonds are soaked in water throughout the night and run in the grinder next day in the morning. The prepared fine paste is then applied on the face at night so as to allow the treatment to work overnight. The face is then washed with cool water next day in the morning to get a great glow.

A wonderful face pack is prepared by mixing milk powder (one tablespoon), honey (one teaspoon), almond oil (half teaspoon) and lime juice (one teaspoon). The prepared pack is applied on the face. It is removed from the face when it gets completely dry. A nice glow on the skin is attained as a result.

A mixture of lime juice (few drops) and tomato puree is prepared and applied on the face at least twice in a day to get a radiant glow and fairness on the skin.


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