Hide Skin Sun Spots

Sun tanning and sun spots on the skin are the common skin related problems that are associated with excessive exposure of the skin to the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun.Sun spots are also called as hyper-pigmentation. Lightening and blending are the two most effective ways of hiding the sun spots. Let us here discuss about ways of hiding sun spots with the help of correct make up techniques.

Appearance of sun spots on the skin can be hidden in a great way with the help of use of colors on the skin. There are many shades available these days which can help to hide the ugly spots on the skin. An individual needs to choose the shade that matches well with the skin tone.

The color of sun spots and skin blemishes can be neutralized in a great way by using various kinds of shades found in special kinds of cosmetics. Green colored concealer can be used to deal with spots of red color on the skin. Yellow colored concealer helps in hiding spots of purple or blue color. Appearance of sun spots can also be reduced by making use of highlights of dark and light colors on the skin.

The flaws of the skin can be hidden in a great way with the help of use of dark make up on the skin. Light make up can help in reducing the visibility of dent on the skin.

Foundation is a very essential make up product which helps in reducing the visibility of sun spots on the skin. Make sure to choose a foundation that goes well along with your skin tone. Oil free foundation should be chosen for oily skin and oil based should be chosen for dry skin type.

Sun spots would be hidden in a great way as a result. The foundation should be dabbed and blended on the skin instead of smearing it with sponge. Make use of fingers for blending the foundation on the skin. Blending should be carried out in circular motion, so that all the flaws of the skin are hidden in an effective manner.


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