Healthy Hair Growth

Hair has the ability to add versatility to your look, by changing your hair style and cut you can give yourself different looks. But if your hair growth is a problem then you should take care of it, here are some tips for healthy hair growth. Always keep your hair and scalp clean since all the hair problems start with an unclean and unhygienic hair and scalp so wash your hair regularly. Also ensure that you use a mild shampoo if you have oily hair and protein based shampoo if you have dry hair.

Massage your hair with Oil atleast once in a week, this is a time tested remedy for hair growth and will never let you down. You can choose various oils ike Coconut oil, Castor oil, Jajoba oil, Olive oil and Almond oil, to make these oils more effective you can make some combinations at home. Some easy and simple preparations are given below:

1) Add few hibiscuss flowers to coconut oil and boil it for few minutes and strain, this oil promotes hair growth and reduces thinning of hair.

2) Mix 3 oils (in equal proportion) like almond, olive and castor and add few camphor balls, this helps in controlling dandruff and is provides nourishment to the brain as well.

3) Squirt lemon juice in any of the base oil and apply it on your scalp it will make your hair shiny and smooth.

4) Soak methi seeds in any of the above oil overnight and next morning boil this oil for sometime, it is ready for application.

5) An oil preparation with Jatamasi, Brahmi and Amla is excellent for hair growth.

6) Make a mixture of Jojoba oil with Tea Tree oil and Geranium oil, it will improve the quality of your hair and encourage hair growth.

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