Health Check Up For Hair

We often think that our hair is healthy but seldom do we realise the damage until it is late. Once the hair starts shedding or becomes extremely dry and unruly do we take some action. But it is good to keep a check on the health of your hair to prevent any hair problems whatsoever. Test the health of your hair by running a thumb and index finger down a strand from root to end. It should feel smooth, a sign the cuticle is flat. Healthy hair should also have good elasticity – test yours by gripping each end of a single strand of hair and pulling apart. It should be able to stretch a couple of centimeters.

With the winter season and the party preening and dehydrating central heating its time to give your hair some extra TLC. Boost your diet with protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs and fish. Also include loads of greens and fruits in your diet. Treat your locks with deep conditioing and moisturising mask once a week.

Everytime you style your hair with a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron don’t forget to use a heat protecting spray before and after using the heated instruments. Heat protection is a must so get into the habit of protecting your hair every time you use any tools. The ends of curly and long hair are more prone to dryness and damage, so pre-treat your locks with conditioner before shampooing.

This trick ensures that your ends stay hydrated while the suds get to work at the roots as you shampoo. The best conditioner would be coconut oil, it has excellent penetration ability and is known since ages in hair care. Hair oil acts as a conditioner and noursihes the scalp and hair, massaging the oil into hair also eases tension.

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