Hairstyles for Wavy Hair

There is a thin line between curly and wavy, though it seems difficult to style wavy hair but the styling options are many if you have this kind of hair. It may not be the best hair type since it can get frizzy if not cared for but can add versatility to your looks.

Some of the most famous celebrity hairstyles are a combination of soft waves with straight hair. As compared to straight hair , wavy hair has a lot more styling options since adding curls or waves to straight hair is difficult but ironing out wavy hair is faster. This hair doesn’t get enough supply of the natural oils produced by the scalp because the oil doesn’t travel down the hair shaft due to the waves. However, you can wear your waves in different styles:

1) Smooth waves – They are also known as “Beach waves”, the texture is important for this hairstyle. It should be smooth and silky with natural free flowing look. Use the right product to ease the frizz and make your looks gorgeous, but avoid too much of product since it can weigh down your hair. Curls and waves look best when they are bouncy.

2) Loose waves – These waves are perfect for party wear, they suit almost all types of outfits and occasions. It can be worn to work, parties, festivals and ceremonies. With a right hair cut your loose curls can add a lot of oomph to your personality.

3) Short waves – It is difficult to maintain wavy hair that is short since it will curl out and look like a nest. The best way to style short wavy hair is to use a defining product on damp hair and create waves with your fingers.

Remember that wavy hair can get frizzy and dehydrated so use products that will hydrate your hair. Use comb instead of brush if you have this type of hair.

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