Hairstyles For Tall Women

Hairstyle depends a great deal on the body type, apart from this there are few more factors that should be considered before choosing a hairstyle. We share some wholesome hairstyling tips specially for tall women. Tall women look good with long hair and if you are gifted with an oval face shape then you are blessed. Long hair doesn’t suit short people, so if you are tall then grow your tresses, men too love long hair. There is something majestic about thick, long hair. It allows you to wear your hair in different styles, one of the most classic style is a “V- cut” it keeps the length long at the back and adds some funk around the sides. A deep V-cut will suit long hair like no other cut, plus it is easier to maintain.

Tall women should avoid short haircuts it will make them appear like pin heads. Also hair that is beyond the bust line is just too long and looks drab and boring. Long hair doesn’t mean you grow it upto your lower back, it will make you look more taller.

If you are tall with good curves then go for long waves and curls instead of super straight long hair. Sleek hair suits women with a small bustline, so if you have ample breasts then go for long waves or curls, they will not attract attention to your bust. Also avoid styles that are swept back with gel or tied in a pony tail, poker straight hair at the back is not a good idea for curvy women.

Curls help in balancing the upper curvy portion of the body whereas straight hair stands out and attracts attention towards bustline. If you are tall and slender with a thin body frame then go for a style that adds bounce and volume to your hair. To create volume, brush your hair in the opposite put your hair upside down and brush. You can also blow dry using this technique, also graduated layers help in adding volume to your hair.

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