Hairstyles for Round Face

Getting the right haircut has never been easy, not only does the hairdresser play an important role but you need to understand your face shape. A perfect haircut should blend well with your face shape, your hair type and your lifestyle. It is very tempting to get carried away by those perfect haircuts shown in the magazines but we often forget the amount of maintenance that goes into those hairstyles.

It is important to choose a hairstyle that will suit your hair type and your lifestyle, not to mention your face type. Identify your face shape and then go for a haircut, also discuss your desired cut with your hair dresser. To identify your face shape stand in front of a mirror and draw the image of face on the mirror. Another way of checking your face shape is to cover your face with a towel and ask someone to feel the shape.h

Round face has a round chin and hairline and is wide at the cheeks and ears. Hairstyles meant for round face usually focus on increasing the length, the idea is to make the face look slender. Cuts that will add height at the crown are best suited for round face. Short hairstyles also suit this face type, short hair either swept back or parted at the side looks perfect.

Medium hairstyles don’t go too well with round face, if you have round face then either keep the length short or long. Always keep the length longer than the chin and avoid any styles that will frame the face. Avoid fullness around the cheeks and ears since it will make your face look wider. Avoid center parting since it will make your face look even more rounder, side parts are best since the face appears narrow.

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