Hairstyles for Clubs

Hairdo’s for night club can be sassy or wild, it depends on your personality type. Whether you want to look like the girl next door or a wild cat, well if you can carry off a wild hairstyle it will add a lot of zing and turn heads.

A wild hairstyle if done up correctly can be worn to many occasions apart from club. You can wear it for shopping where you don’t have to look formal or elegant and can be yourself, it will surely grab attention. These styles can also be worn to a cinema hall or a theatre so anything that’s not so formal and doesn’t have a dress code is suitable for a wild hairstyle.

Wild hairstyles require use of gel and mousse so don’t indulge in it too frequently, else you will damage your hair. It is important to know the right way to apply mousse since mousse expands when it is dispensed from the container. So if a style requires a specified amount of mousse it means the amount of mousse after it has expanded.

Also care should be taken to avoid over application of mousse since it will weigh down your hair. Take a small quantity of mousse in your palm and use your fingertips of the other hand to distribute the product evenly on your finger tips. Now run your finger tips through to the roots, do not apply the mousse to the entire length of the hair. Similarly you can apply gel in the same style.

Make sections of your hair and apply gel, now arrange these sweeps in different styles to give the look you desire. If you have layered hair, defined ends will look fabulous. Tip your head upside down, blast in a spray wax and shake through to get that messy unkept look. Shake up your crop with a dry finish wax for some sexy texture.

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