Hairstyles for 50+

Women above 50 usually ignore their hairstyle and often don’t care about their looks, even if they do they are made to believe that they are old and shouldn’t bother much. How can we forget that our personality is judged by the way we present ourselves, and being presentable would mean wearing the right clothes and using an ideal hairstyle which will suit our age.

Women at this age either tend to overdo things or they don’t do anything at all, it is important to be subtle and avoid common mistakes like wearing your daughters clothes and copying her hairstyle. The haircut should be such that it doesn’t require any styling products or maintenance in the form of ironing, curling etc. At this age it is best to save the hair from any hair products since it may weaken the roots and cause hair problems.

Some of the classic styles which will never go out of style are Buns and pleats. A bun can be worn in different styles and there is a lot you can do with it and so is the case with pleats. But these hairstyles are for daily wear, for a party or function you can leave your hair open and maybe pin up a small section with a plain bob pin, the key is simplicity. The pins that you use can have slight shimmer but shouldn’t have huge motifs or designs.

Similarly if you wear a bun for an occasion then use a broach which is not too big in size and doesn’t have danglers. If you plan to leave your hair open then carry a small butterfly clip which can be worn if required. Also avoid short length hair cuts since very few women can carry it well, it doesnt leave you with any option of tying a bun or pleat. Never ever wear 2 pleats, it is meant for school going girls.

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