Hairstyles For 50 Year Olds

Fifty is no more considered old age, it is all in the head. So, if you have turned 50 then don’t give up on styling your hair. Fifties are considered to be young unless you make yourself look more than your age with a helmet hairstyle. One can actually play around with the hair to chop off years from the face. A good hairstyle with lighter colour can make you look younger. If you are at this age of your life experiment with styles that will take years off your face instead of making yourself look even older than what you are.

Though colouring yourself red is not a good idea but you can play with some lighter colours, it will not only add glamour to your boring tresses but will also cover the greys if any.

The hairstyle should be versatile, hence medium length hair would be best suited. Even shoulder length hair would be a good idea. You can style it up in a hairdo for parties and wear it loose, free flowing otherwise for a casual look.

There is a lot of scope to experiment with medium length hair. You can go poker straight with a flat iron and create sexy curls with a curling iron. This length is certainly better than the long hair that women sport, they either leave it loose or tie it into a bun.

Styling long hair can be tedious so a mid length or shoulder length is a good option. Do not over style your hair, spiked up look or gelled back look will work the other way round, it will show up your age. Go for a hairstyle that the hair frames your face and is free flowing.

The natural look is what will make men weak in the knees. Long layers for medium length hair and short layers (framing the face) for shoulder length hair is the right style for you.

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