Hairstyle Advice For Brides

Bridal hairstyles should scream glamour. Hair is our crowing glory and to style it on the D-Day is every womans desire. To get your hairstyle right on the big day, there are some do’s and don’ts to be followed to avoid any last minute crisis. Wedding day jitters are common and a bad hairstyle can play havoc with the already anxious bride. We share some hair style tips to get the look right and turn heads, after all this is the most important day of a womans life.

1) Trial run – Whatever hairstyle you choose, get a trial done before your D-day. Treat the trial as the final day of hairstyle, this will help you identify any changes if required. It will avoid last minutes crisis and will give you time to evaluate your hairstyle.

2) Washing hair – Never was your hair on the wedding day, it will be difficult to manage. Always wash your hair a day before and avoid using too much of conditioner, it will weigh down your hair. The hair updo may not stay longer if your hair is heavily conditioned. Freshly washed hair are a little difficult to handle, they tend to flyaway.

3) Hair length – If you wish to get a hair updo done then you would require a little long hair, say 3 to 4 inches below your shoulder. Don’t grow your hair any longer than this since it will be difficult to do the updo. Also avoid short hair or too many layers, your hair do will not be able to hold itself.

Too many layers of steps can pop out of the hair do and would require excess of gel or hair spray to keep it in place. Remember these simple advices and you are sure to rock on your wedding day.

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