Haircut for Teens

Teens can experiment a lot with their hairstyle since the age is perfect for breaking the stereotype norms and being innovative. This is the age when you are concerned about your looks and the first impression you create. Thus having the latest and new style of clothes, shoes, bags and of course new haircut is a must.At times even peer pressure can make you more conscious about your looks and style but whatever it is, this is the right age to make a style statement. Before you go for a haircut it is important to decide the length you desire for your hair. Some stunning styles for mid – length and long hair are listed below.

Medium length hairstyles come in a variety of styles, they don’t even require a monthly trim like short hair cuts plus they offer a lot of variation. This length of hair is very adaptable and allows you to create several hairdos.

Curls – Whether you have natural curls or not, you can wear a curly style cut with small tight curls or long sweeping ones.

Blunt – The length of the hair in this cut is same all over, it is a classic style and can never go out of fashion. This style is easy to maintain and can be pulled up for a pony tail.

Undercut and Shag — Undercut hairstyle trims the underneath layers to add slight curls and softens the overall look of your hair, additionally you can create many styles with multi layered shag cuts.

A little longer hair can be worn with additional variations but would require maintenance. Long hair looks fabulous with Layers and Bangs, layer your long hair with razor cut and create uneven ends. Bangs can be added to long hair to long hair for numerous looks.These haircuts will surely turn heads and will make you the talk of the town, so ahead and explore.

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