Hair Transplant Advice

Hair transplant is also known as hair restoration is a surgery for restoring the lost hair. Hair restoration surgery can be successful if the method or the procedure used for hair transplant is correct and appropriate. It is thus important to visit a reputed clinic for these hair loss treatments. Hair transplant is the procedure of surgically removing hair from a part of the scalp and reallocating to the bald patch. There are various procedure for hair transplantation which are discussed below.

1) Scalp reduction – Like the word suggests, this procedure actually reduces the scalp. A segment of the scalp area which is bald (except the front hairline) is given anesthesia and surgically removed. Usually it is removed in a segment which is in an inverted Y shape or a U shape, the segment can also be in some other shape depending on the area that needs to be covered. The surrounding skin is then loosened and pulled, then the area which has hair is pulled forward and stitched.

2) Tissue expansion – This procedure works on the natural tendency of the body to produce new cells. A tissue expander is inserted beneath the scalp skin where there is sufficient hair growth and is close to the bald patch. After a few weeks this expander is gradually inflated with salt water, this procedure forces skin to expand and produce new cells. The scalp will bulge with this procedure and after about 2 months the final procedure can be done. The skin which has expanded with this procedure is moved over to the bald area surgically.

3) Flap surgery – This surgery is known since the last 20 years or so, it can cover large bald patches. The surgery is customised as per the patients need and hence the size of the flap also varies. This method cuts a part of the bald scalp area and replaces it with hair bearing scalp skin. The hair bearing flap of skin is not completely removed, it is attached to the scalp at one end for blood supply and lifted from the other end to cover the bald patch.

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