Hair Problem in Kids

Hair problem can affect all age groups and lately it has hit children also. Though the percentage of children getting affected is less as compared to adults, but the problem exists in various forms.

Some of the problems can be prevented before occurance whereas others can be dealt with medication or home care. Though is is difficult to prevent hair problems among children but educating your child about the causes and care should help.

Common hair problems:

1) Head lice – This is one of the most commonly transmitted problem in children and is difficult to prevent. Lice can be transmitted at school, play ground, gym, hobby clasess like dancing, singing etc etc. Moreover lice usually prefer a clean scalp so your child is more prone to get infected if his/ her scalp and hair is clean. Lice may not seem to be a serious problem but is actually dangerous and can mar your child’s deveopment since lice is associated with poor hygeine and can be a cause of ridicule for your child.

Children can often loose confidence and feel left out. Treat it as soon as possible and keep a check for the symptoms, don’t let them grow. Once they grow they will lay their eggs known as nits which are difficult to get rid of. You can keep a check on the head lice by observing your child, see if he/she is scratching his head. Use a fine toothed comb once in a week on oiled hair to keep a check on the same.

2) Alopecia – Though alopecia is not a common problem among children but some children do get affected. There are various types of alopecia among children. Telogen Effluvium alopecia is caused either due to high fever or a sudden trauma or shock. Trichotillomania is another type of alopecia which is psychological in nature. The child pulls his/ her own hair and causes bald patches. The 3rd type is known as Tinea Capitis which is a fungal disease like ring worm and can be cured with proper medication.

Then there is Traction Alopecia which happens while playing, children often indulge in activities that damage hair, this can cause hair loss. And lastly there is Alopecia areata which is the most common type. It is caused by the body’s resistant system reacting at the site of hair growth.

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