Hair Problem During Winter

Winter brings with it the festive season, with a galore of parties and celebrations your hair has to go through hell during this phase. The cold chilly winds are enough to dry out and damage the hair and to add to the agony is the party season. Since festivities are a time to get gorgeous, it is difficult to stay away from decking up your hair. Hair do’s would mean torturing your hair with sprays, gels, mousse, chemicals, heated instruments etc.

If you really care for your hair then consider some preventive measures before the party season begins in full swing. Care for your hair the way you would care for your skin, use deep conditioning treatments once in a week. Wear caps and scarves to protect hair from the dry cold winds. But a woolen cap can cause breakage around the hairline so wear a silk cap underneath. Use silicon based serum while styling hair, this will reduce the frizz and make your hair manageable. Get highlighting done before the winter hits you, this way you will save your tresses from chemical treatments during harsh winters.

Go for regular trims during winter since split ends are a major concern during this season and if not cared for the split ends can move up the shaft to your hair root. Allow your hair to dry naturally, do not use blow dryers they can damage the hair.

Avoid free flowing hairstyles during this season , instead tie your hair into a plait, bun or braid. Avoid using hair styling products but if do use one then look for something that is free of alcohol. Winter also causes static in hair, to avoid this, remove your cap once in every few hours and ruffle your hair.

Another alternative is to use a natural bore- bristle brush with a wooden handle. You can also go in for a light styling spray to keep your hair do in place. Go easy on shampoo during this season for frequent shampooing will dry out your hair. Also the amount of shampoo you use is important, use a little less shampoo during winters, the best way is to dilute it in water and then apply on scalp. Always follow up with a conditioner else the hair cuticles will remain open and cause further damage to dry ends.

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