Hair Loss Post Pregnancy

Hair Loss after pregnancy is a common symptom, however, the degree or the extent to which the hair is lost is different for every person. Some of women have excess hair fall while others may just experience loss of few strands. Often women go through depression post pregnancy and losing hair can further worsen the already worried mother. But knowing the reasons for hairfall can be of some help, since you will be able to face the situation and adopt certain remedies to combat it.

The cause of hair loss is mainly due to hormonal changes, the hormone which is responsible for hair loss is Estrogen, during pregnancy this hormone is produced in excess, however, post child birth the hormone level gets back to normal hence the hair quality changes and causes hair fall. The hair fall is usually experienced within 2 -3 months of child birth. This is not a permanent problem so dont lose heart, it is just a phase and will last not more than 6 months, if the amount of hair you lose is high then you can opt for a hair cut.

There is a stage during preganacy when estrogen levels are high, which causes the hair to enter the resting phase at a slower rate as compared to normal stage. Usually the hair is in resting phase for 3 months after which it starts falling and new hair grows from the same root since this resting phase becomes slow, the hair remains on the head for longer. At the same time the growth phase of hair is still on in full swing due to the improved diet and biological and hormonal changes, thus the hair becomes thick and lustrous. Hair loss post pregnancy is a natural phenomenon but you can take care of it and control the damage, you can adopt Aromatherapy massages since they are safe and effective. Ensure that your Aromatherapy oil contains Jojoba apart from the other essential oils.

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