Hair Loss in 40 + Men

Hair loss in the form of alopecia is more common in men than women. There are various reasons for hair fall of which some are scientifically proven and others are theories based on experience and experiment.

To treat hair fall it is important to know the exact cause of it. Studies show that hair loss is common due to hormonal imbalance, this happens in both men and women, it occurs in women when they hit menopause and in case of men it is genetically triggered.

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for this havoc, when this hormone is converted into DHT – Dihydrotestosterone it shrinks the hair follicles. This shrinkage impairs hair growth and also causes hair to fall. Apart from this hormonal upheaval there are some other causes also and one such cause is stress.

Emotional stress has a negative effect on the hair growth and prolonged stress acne cause complete baldness. Stress causes constriction of the blood vessels in the scalp and exerts tension on the muscle tissues. This blocks the blood from reaching the hair roots since the tiny capillaries are clogged.

Lets look at the types of alopecia which is a major cause of hair fall in men.

Scarring Alopecia – This is caused due to genes and is hereditary in nature. It is also caused by bacterial or fungal infection in the hair. Certain diseases can also cause alopecia.

Alopecia Areata (Non- Scarring alopecia) – This type is caused due to emotional stress, improper diet, diseases like malaria, typhoid, pitutary disorder, cancer and Tuberculosis.

Non scarring alopecia is common and can be cured with a diet rich in zinc, iron and protien. Also intake atleast 8 glasses of water. As much as possible de- stress yourself and relax your mind and body. Practise yoga if you can, one of the best ways to re- grow the lost hair is to rub the nails of your hands against each other for atleast 10 minutes a day.

The friction created by rubbing your nails, aids blood circulation and will not only help in the growth of hair but will also darken gray hair. It is the most safest and the simplest method, alternatively you can opt for ayurvedic medicines or go for non- surgical methods of treatment. Alopecia is curable if it is treated early.

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