Hair Loss – how to treat hair loss and falling of hair

Hair loss is really one of the severe hair related problems, which is of grave concern. Both men and women are frustrated due to problem of hair loss.

However, the impact of hair loss is more severe on women, as hair is considered to be their crowing glory. The beauty of a woman is determined not only by the face, but also by the condition and health of the hair. Normally, women lose around 60-80 strands of hair everyday due to hair washing, hair brushing and hair styling. However, if a woman loses more than 60-80 strands of hair in a day, it is a cause of great concern. Let us here discuss about various causes of hair loss and ways to treat the problem.

Hair loss may occur due to stress and anxiety. Stress in life is very disturbing for an individual. On the top of it, if an individual faces hair loss, it is more stressful. An individual may have to face the problem of personality disorder as a result.

Therefore, it is very important for an individual to remain away from stress and tension, so that hair loss is reduced, and self esteem and confidence level of an individual are raised. Mediation and yoga help a great deal in dealing with the stressful situations.

Diet and hair are very closely related to each other. An individual may face the problem of hair loss due to improper and unhealthy diet. In order to promote the growth of hair, it is very important for an individual to take a healthy and well nutritious diet, enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, so that hair loss is reduced and hair growth is promoted. Fish, milk, meat, soybean, green vegetables, yogurt and nuts are very good sources of essential minerals for hair growth and should be definitely included in the diet

One of the wonderful ways of reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth is to provide hot oil treatment to the scalp. An individual should make sure to massage the scalp with warm olive oil at least twice in a week to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and promote the hair growth process. Hair loss would be restricted with the help of regular warm oil scalp massage.


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