Hair Loss Due To Perming

Hair loss due to chemical treatments is not uncommon, even the healthiest of hair will fall due to the harsh chemical treatments. Some people experience hair loss 2 – 3 months after undergoing any chemical treatments. One such dreadful and ruthless torture to our hair is perming, it is by far the worst thing you can ever do to your hair.

Firstly perming gives best results when the hair is strong and healthy, to check if your hair is health you can do a simple test at home. Take a few strands of your hair and put them in a bowl of water, if they float it means your hair is healthy and strong, if it doesn’t then it means your hair lacks moisture and is damaged.

Now let’s understand the procedure for perming and what exactly it does to your hair. Firstly chemicals are used to break and reform the structural bonds of your hair. Then your hair is rolled on a perm rod, the size of your curls will be determined by the thickness of the rod and how tightly it has been wrapped. If you desire soft curls then it should not be wrapped very tightly and vice versa.

A chemical solution is applied which raises the cuticle of the hair strand and breaks off the bonds of your natural hair, now the chemical solution is rinsed off after few hours and a neutralizer is applied to reform the bonds of the hair with the new hair pattern (curls).

This process of breaking the natural bonds of your hair and then reforming new ones is extremely damaging for your hair,moreover, hair loss also occurs if the chemical is left on the hair for too long or when excess chemical is used and you wouldn’t know all this until the damage is done hence it is important to visit a professionalm reliable and reputed salon.

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