Hair Loss Due To Menopause

Though there are many causes of hair loss amongst women, one of the contributor is Menopause. It doesn’t affect hair fall directly but the hair loss may be associated to thyroids or anemia. Women usually become weak during menopause since there is hormonal imbalance.

There are 2 hormones which are very important and compliment each other, these hormones should be in perfect balance, else you will have problems. These hormones are Estrogen and Progestrogen, during a normal menstruation cycle both the hormones are produced in the body, estrogen is produced in the pre- menstrual stage and progestrogen in produced in the post- menstrual stage.

Once menopause sets in, the production of progestrogen stops whereas your body continues to produce estrogen. This change leads to excess estrogen production and causes an imbalance since your body has stopped producing progestrogen. It is therefore advisable to consult a dermatologist and a gynaecologist, self medication should be avoided.

Approximately one third of women face this probelm of hair loss during menopause. This hair loss may be temporary and will subside over some time. Use of some aromatherapy oils is advisable during this phase since these oils also have relaxing properties. You can massage some relaxing oils which will stimulate hair growth as well. Some of the oils that can be used are Geranium, Sweet Basil, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose and Neroli. These oils have comforting properties and are also good for hair care, you can add few drops of these oils to Jojoba oil and massage your head, leave the oil overnight. If you need a little more sedating and soothing oil, you can use Sandalwood, Clary Sage,Ylang Ylang and Lavender oil.

Aromatherapy though effective is not the only solution for hair fall during menopause, medication and consultation with your doctor may be required depending on the severity of the symptoms.

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