Hair Loss Due to Highlighting

Highlighting like any other chemical treatment is very harmful for the hair, it can permanently damage your hair and cause severe hair loss. It may not cause hair loss immediately but after about 2 months, your hair will start thinning and chances are you may lose chunks of hair. This happens when hair becomes weak and cannot withstand the chemicals. It is worse when hair is pre-bleached while highlighting.

Highlighting dark hair is difficult as compared to lighter hair and at times the hair has to be bleached to get a lighter shade, this procedure makes the hair very dry and coarse hence after care is very important. Highlighting means treating your hair chemically so ensure that the chemicals are not too harsh, use good quality products and visit a professional salon if you are keen about highlighting.

Inspite of the drawbacks of highlighting if you still wish to colour your tresses then at least avoid the below mentioned things;

Do not use Henna atleast for 3 months prior to highlighting.

Do not go for frequent touch ups, avoid 2 chemical treatments within 6 months keep a gap of at least 3 to 4 months.

Do not pre- bleach your hair before highlighting.

Do not wear blonde colour if you have dark skin.

Do not opt for global colouring unless very sure, go for streaking instead.

Do not wash your hair on the day you plan to highlight. Wash it 2 days before highlighting with a clarifying shampoo.

Highlight only the top layer of hair and highlight from the back to the front side.

Wash your hair thoroughly so that there is no residue of shampoo/conditioner or any other hair product like oil, gel or spray.Take extra care after highlighting, use products meant for coloured hair.

Use a colour which compliments your skin and blends with the skin tone.

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