Hair Care in the Monsoon

The hair requires special attention with constantly changing seasons. As the climate changes, so too do the needs of the hair. With a little attention paid to the hair, not only can hair be maintained better, but problems arising from negligence can also be avoided.

Care for the hair during the rains is something we pay little attention to. The hair begins to become sticky and limp faster in this season.

It’s best to try and stick to simple hairstyles in the monsoon. Keep the length as short as you can, avoid very long hair. Try and avoid leaving the hair open in if exceeds medium length while you step out since the hair gets spoiled easily with the wind, and is difficult to style and manage later.

If the hair gets wet in the rain, wash and dry it well afterwards. Make sure you condition the hair to make it more manageable. Avoid the use of serums and gels in this weather if you are going to step out, as the hair becomes limp and loses texture if it has product and gets wet.

If you have hair that gets frizzy with humidity, this is the season you will need to give it special attention. Try and use a blow dryer to keep your hair in check. Keep the hair dry at all times, avoid contact with the rain as far as possible.

The most important thing to do is let your hair loose at least once. It’s alright to have fun in the rain once in a while. Have fun, and give your hair a good time too. Styling and care can all be left for later.

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