Hair Care For Various Situations

Hair care is a continuous process and you need to be careful at every step. It is better to prevent hair damage rather than looking for solutions to correct the damage. Like the adage goes, Prevention is better than cure. It is applicable in case of hair care also. So whether you are at the pool, beach, or on vacation or watching some sports match in the stadium, you need to protect your hair.

Here, we share some tips for saving your mane from self inflicted torture:

Swimming pools – Pools contain chlorine, which can bleach the hair and leave mineral deposits in your tresses. It can make your hair dull and limp. Not just that, chlorine can give your hair a greenish tinge. It is the worst thing that can happen to your hair. As a remedy to protect your mane, we suggest you wet your hair with plain water before diving into the pool. Alternatively, you can oil your hair before jumping into the pool. This will ensure that your hair doesn’t absorb the pool water.

Beaches – They are a combination of heat and salt water. So you need to be extra careful, the best way to save your hair to slather on a thick hair mask. This way the heat will act as a steam and the mask will penetrate deeper in your hair shaft. the result, you are left with soft and silky hair after your visit to the beach. Though wearing a mask may look weird but it is the best solution. If hair mask doesn’t seem to go down well with you then another way to protect hair is by wearing hair sunscreen.

Open spaces – Open areas like stadiums or trekking, hiking, picnics etc can expose your hair to heat and pollution. And the best way to prevent damage is by using a scarf or a hat. Cover your head as much as possible, you can also wear some smart head gears like bandana or broad headbands.

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