Hair Advice for Working Moms

Working women busy with so many things that they really don’t have time for personal grooming. But let’s face it,  you have to be well groomed if you are an office goer. These days respect doesn’t come from your performance or your deeds. Your overall personality also matters and this becomes even more important amongst the women brigade. Men, usually don’t attach importance to looks. They tend to be a bit casual about dress up and grooming, not that they don’t take interest but they are not too meticulous.

Unlike women, men don’t have an eye for detail. So, if you don’t want to be a subject of gossip, get your tresses right. While you want to be in the limelight, you don’t want to be there for wrong reasons.

Here, we give you a skinny on various hairstyles for office wear.

Bun – This is one of the best bets, a bun doesn’t need any combing through the day. Once you tie it firmly, your bun will stay in place and wont get messy. You can either wear it tight or loose, high or low. A tight bun may represent discipline while a loosely tied one will look more casual. If you choose to tie it loose, then ensure that it doesn’t keep falling apart. Re-tying can be very distracting and will also spoil your hair. A firm bun, styled with some get will look elegant and is perfect for the meetings.

Don’t ape your favorite celebrity – Avoid following trends blindly. If you like the latest style, sported by a celebrity, try to modify it to suit your facial structure and your personality. Don’t copy, chances are, the style that suits the model may look funny on you. There are too many factors that go into a good style like; hair texture, length, hair quality, your features, your personality, time spent for maintenance. So, take an informed decision.

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