Hair Advice For Men

Hair care has always been the forte of women, men don’t really pay attention to their hair. That doesn’t mean they don’t care about their looks, it’s just that they don’t invest time in grooming their mane. Like women, men don’t spend hours in front of the mirror fidgeting with their hair style. Hair care for men isn’t difficult, the best advantage is the length of the hair. Short hair is a lot more easy to style and far more manageable than long hair.

Plus it can be washed and dried in few minutes. Hair care for men starts with keeping the scalp clean of any hair product or dirt and grime. Use a mild shampoo if you wash your hair everyday, ensure that the shampoo is pH balanced so that it doesn’t rip your hair off its natural oils.

Shampooing should always be followed up with a conditioner, avoid using a conditioner based shampoo. The shampoo and conditioner should be separate, unfortunately many hair products for men combine the shampoo and conditioner in one, so stay away from such products.

Having set the cleansing rules straight, indulge in some hair care product like a cream conditioner or protein conditioner. Intensive conditioning is required at least once in a fortnight to nourish the hair and restore its moisture balance which can be depleted due to frequent washing.

Our hair is exposed to many external pollutants like dust, grime, gas, fuel, chemicals and so on, treating it with a deep conditioning procedure will bring back life in your hair.

Another aspect to hair care is protection from the harmful rays of sun, whenever you step out in the sun wear a cap or a bandana. You can make a style statement with it while you save your mane from the harsh UV rays. If covering the head with an accessory is a difficult option then use hair products that have sunscreen.

For instance, if you use a gel then buy one which offers SPF. Don’t fall prey to labels that read UV filters, they are no good. What one needs is UV protection with SPF of 8 -10 and not a filter.

Always use quality products and no matter how expensive your hair product is, please do not sleep with it. Product residue is the worst thing to do, rinse off any traces of hair products like gels, mousse etc.

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