Grey Hair Remedy

As the hair starts turning grey, people get tensed and really want to get rid of the grey color of the hair. Graying of hair is a process which is quite natural in old age. The problem of grey hair is severe when it occurs in young age. Premature graying of the hair is a cause of great concern and disturbs the mindset of people.

There may be many reasons behind hair getting grey in young age. The major reason for hair getting grey in young age is hereditary. Other reasons include stress, severe illness, and intake of coffee, tea, alcohol, fried foods, and spices in excessive quantity. The hair may also get grey in young age due to lack of required vitamins and minerals in the body, which may result in the reduction of melanin in the body. In order to deal with the problem of grey hair, there are some effective remedies, which are discussed below.

It is very important for an individual to eat food that is highly rich in protein. Therefore, whole grains. Meat, soy and cereals should be definitely included in the diet.

Green vegetables, tomatoes, bananas, yogurt, yeast, red meat, eggs, fish, almonds, and cauliflower should also be included in the diet, so that the body and the hair gets the required minerals and vitamins, thus helping to fight against grey hair.

Premature hair graying can be cured by drinking a glass of butter milk, to which two tablespoons of wheat germ and yeast are added.

Massaging the scalp with coconut oil, containing Indian gooseberry, is a very wonderful remedy for fighting against grey hair.

A mixer of grated ginger and honey is prepared and placed in a jar. One teaspoon of the mixture should be eaten daily so as to prevent premature hair graying.

Massaging the hair with a mix of lemon juice and coconut oil every day is a very good way to deal with grey hair.

A mixture of table salt (one spoon) and black tea (one cup, without milk) is prepared and massaged on the scalp properly. The hair are then washed after around one hour. This is a very good remedy for grey hair.


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