Grandmother’s Advice For Hair

The best known secrets of hair lie in your kitchen. Here are some tips from the grandmothers book, go ahead and explore your kitchen. There are loads of remedies hidden in your kitchen, try all the remedies and choose the one which suits you and your hair.

Henna – Application of Henna once in a month has a very cooling effect on your head and also nourishes your hair, it gives a tinge of burgundy color to your hair and adds shine and volume. If you don’t want the color then apply oil before Henna application.

Egg – Beat an egg and apply it on your scalp (pre-washed hair) leave it on for half an hour and wash it with warm water. Do not use hot water, as the egg will crumble and stick to your hair. Egg makes the hair soft and silky and is a good source of Protein, it helps in curbing hair fall.

Curd – Application of Curd cures dandruff problem and makes the hair silky smooth. Always apply it on pre-washed hair and leave it on your head for at least half an hour.

Lemon – Squirt lemon juice on your scalp before shampooing, it not only cures dandruff but also gives an excellent shine to your hair. It gives an instant sheen to your hair.

Fullers earth – A simple hair pack made of Fullers earth (multani mitti) and rose water can be applied to the scalp for healthy hair. Make the paste thin, so not make it too thick as it may be difficult to wash it.

Tea Tree Oil – Add a few drops of Tea tree oil to your regular coconut oil, this oil has very good properties which helps fight dandruff and other scalp disorders.

So go ahead and ransack your kitchen for some of the most simple remedies for hair care.

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