Good Hairbrush

Hairbrush is often an ignored object when it comes to styling hair at home. We often wonder how the hair stylists give that perfect look with the same instrument – the blow dryer. Well, the secret lies in the hairbrush. It is an integral part of styling and can add the oomph factor to your hair. Choosing the right hairbrush is important, there are many factors which should be considered while selecting one.

The shape of the brush, the bristles, the size are some of the factors which should be checked. The most important of all is the quality of the hairbrush, do not compromise on the quality as the cheap ones will not last long and will end up tearing out your hair. It can also encourage split ends. Another thing that should be kept in mind while selecting a hair brush is the ” Bristles”, there are various types of bristles like wood, nylon, acrylic or boar.

Whatever texture of hair you have, choose a brush with flexible bristles. Stiff bristles are too harsh on your hair, also avoid bristles that are too close together. Such thick brushes won’t let your hair breathe or do anything good to your scalp. The bristles should be at a moderate distance from each other, wide bristles are the best for all hair types.

A good hair brush can reduce your styling time to half, which means you will reduce the usage of hair dryer to half and thus save your hair from damage. Bad brushes can ruin your scalp and break the hair cuticle. A good hair brush has the ability to spread natural oil from the scalp to the hair tips. Never brush your hair when it is wet and also remember that different brushes serve different purposes. Once you find the right hair brush, you need to keep it clean. Scrap off dust from the base or pad of the brush, soak it in lukewarm water to which a mild soap or shampoo is added.

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