Good Food for Better Hair

Today, being ridden with one hair problem or another is common. It’s not so much because the care taken of the hair is inadequate, but more because of our lifestyle. We are constantly on the go, with little time to pause and think carefully about the choices we make.

Poor quality of the hair and problems associated with the hair are caused largely due to the kind of food we eat. With the kind of schedules we have today, the easiest thing to cook is most often what is eaten. The vegetables that cook the fastest are the vegetables that make their way to the dining table or packed lunch box. More often, we resort to the convenience of buying food, or ordering take-away from a restaurant.

A poor, unbalanced diet is a great cause for hairloss. The hair requires adequate amounts of minerals, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates to foster its growth.

Oily foods are not only unhealthy for the body, but also for the hair. Keep the intake of fried foods and excess oil to a minimum. A certain amount of oil is, however, required for the hair or it can become overly dry. Try to consume healthy oils (almonds are a good source). Do not eliminate its intake entirely.

Proteins, minerals and carbohydrates are also vital. Eat a balanced proportion of these. Eat larger portions of fruits and vegetables. They are full of essential nutrients. Also include portions of iron in your regular intake. Iron is very good for hair growth and to arrest hairloss.

Water is also very good for the hair. Ensure you drink plenty of water. It hydrates the hair and gives it more strength, preventing hairloss through breakage.

Watch what you feed yourself, and you could eat your way to healthy hair.

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