Getting The Nude Makeup Look Right

If you are among the very choosy girls, who loves to wear minimal makeup, nude makeup is the perfect stop for you! Nude makeup doesn’t necessarily mean no makeup at all; means light makeup which is gorgeous yet visibly subtle.

Nude makeup is difficult to do but our simplified tips will help you get it just right in those simple finger strokes! All you need are fine accessories and a simple makeup kit! We tell you how to get the look right! Read on to discover more about this.

The nude makeup look isn’t that difficult to get if you know how to play with colors. For the daytime, a thin layer of luscious mascara paired with a nude colored crème eye shadow and lip gloss does the trick. Highlight the brow bone with a bright color like golden or silver and settle for light colors towards the eyelid. Whereas for the night time, you can go for Smokey eye effect and nude lip color.

Choosing the colors properly is very important. Go for light shades like peach, skin, pink, beiges, etc. These are light shades are matches the skin color. You can also go for shades which are even lighter than your skin color. Settle for a paler shade in the morning and a little darker in the evening. Go for a glossy lip color. The matte or nude makeup look should preferably be paired with glossy lip color.

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and apply it evenly. Do not apply a lot of concealer as it makes the face look caked. Go for a light blusher. Apply it from the cheeks towards temples.

You can choose false eyelashes for that gorgeous effect of the way. Make sure to blend the false lashes along with your original lash. Merge it properly with the help of the mascara.

These were some simple secrets for that perfect nude makeup. If you do not wish to go for that gaudy look, these tips are sure to help you! Refer to this article for complete guide of nude or no-makeup look!

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