Get Rid Of Facial Pits

Facial pits can ruin your looks and make you look older. It tends to loosen the skin and wrinkles tend develop sooner on such skin. Pits can be very unsightly and can damage your personality. They are caused due to various skin problems like cystic acne, acne vulgaris, chicken pox, boils, pus boils and so on.

Though these skin conditions can be cured, they leave behind pits and scars. No cosmetic or medical cream can remove pits since they are deep and below the epidermis layer of the skin. There are various treatments touted by beauty centres and cosmetic clinics that promote the use of micro-dermabrasion treatment or glycolic acid peels and skin polishing techniques to get rid of these pits.

However, these treatments work on the superficial layer of the skin i.e. the epidermis, whereas these pits are deep rooted and need a more intense treatment. Though, these other methods will give you an even tone and a lighter and brighter skin, it will not correct the problem of pits.

If you have been living with the pits on your face and want to treat them, there is a solution for your problem. There are two treatment options that can be of great help, (a) Derma rollers and (b) Fractional resurfacing laser.

a) Derma rollers – This is a physical method of treating pits. As the name suggests, a roller with pointed needles is used on the pits. The roller is rolled over the pits after making the skin numb. So you don’t feel the pain of the needles. You might face some bleeding or spots, however this will disappear after few days. This method is absolutely safe and 100% results can be noticed in just 2 to 3 sessions.

b) Fractional resurfacing laser – This laser technology requires the use of technologically advanced high end Carbondioxide lasers. The laser beam is passed on to the pits and the surface of the skin is restructured. This method of treatment is a bit expensive and results can be noticed in 1 or 2 sessions. The recovery period for both these treatments is not high. It hardly takes few days to get to recover.

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