Gentle Hair Care

Healthy hair is every womans dream but when it comes to hair care we can give ourselves a big Zero. Who doesn’t love shiny, lustrous hair but you don’t get such hair by torturing your mane. You need to take good care of your hair to improve its health. Handling your hair roughly by drowning them in chemicals, slaughtering them with your comb/ brush, battering them with blow dryer and drying them with your flat irons and rollers.

Do you remember a time when you have been gentle with your hair, when you have treated your hair with a little bit of love and TLC. Like our skin and body, hair too needs its share of nourishment and care. Some simple and gentle tips followed everyday can reflect your thoughtfulness towards your hair.

1) Knots – While removing knots from your hair, do not brush or comb your hair rigorously. Pulling hair can cause severe breakage, it can also uproot the hair shaft. To remove knots apply a little hair serum or a light oil to the hair shaft and work your way up towards the roots.

Don’t try to directly comb the knots off your hair, use your fingers to remove big knots and then use the comb. Never use a brush to remove the knots, the excessive bristles can cause tension in hair and damage cuticles.

2) Shampooing – Never apply shampoo directly on your hair and scalp, dilute it in some water and then apply. Do not re-apply shampoo, it rips your hair of its natural oil. Use a mild pH balanced shampoo, it makes a lot of difference to your hair. Always follow up with a conditioner.

3) Combing/brushing – Frequently combing or brushing your hair to maintain the hairstyle is not a good thing to do. It damages the surface of the hair shaft and leads to hair fall. Coming your hair twice in a day for approximately 2 minutes is good enough. Too much brushing can over stimulate your scalp and make your hair greasy.

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