French Roll With A Twist

French roll is one of the classic hairstyles and has rule the fashion circuit since decades. It can never go out of style. However, there are ways to style a French roll, these styles can add a lot of oomph to your normal roll. Make the updo a fancy and attractive one with our easy to follow steps.

Firstly, divide the hair into two sections, one in the front and the remaining at the back. Divide it into two equal halfs, now make a French roll with the back section of your hair. To make the roll, you need to hold it high as in a pony tail and start twisting it inwards from the scalp. When you twist the roll, it will get firmer and the hair will remain in place, it wont keep coming out. This is the best way to style a french roll. Once done with the twisting tuck the ends with u-pins or bobby pins.

Now, work on the frontal secion. Create a side parting and further divide the parted hair into two sections. Make small plaits in each section, but on one side of the parting. Leave the other side of the parting plain. You can now create a flat side by pinning up the hair behind the ears. Connect the plaits that you have tied earlier to the French knot. Take the first plait which is towards your forehead and connect it to the top of the french knot, if your hair is long, you can further take the plait down and pin it at the end of the french knot to form the shape of reversed C. This will also cover the area where the twisted roll meets your scalp. Thus giving it a definition.

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