For That Magical Mane

Does your hair feel dry, coarse, rebellious and lifeless? If you have the problem, we have the solution!

Several trips to the parlor and those very costly hair treatments will not do any good, if you do not know how to take good care of the hair in a natural way. We give you all the tips on how to get those lovely locks of hair! Read on for more.

Hair spa is the best way to get rid of dry, coarse and dull hair. Owing to excessive pollution, constant sun exposure and dirt, hair becomes coarse and dry. The best way to do away with this is to go in for a hair spa treatment. Make sure you get it done from a professional salon.

Different varieties of spa:

There are two different types of spa. One is called the deep-conditioning spa and another is hydrating spa. If your hair is extremely coarse and rebellious, go for deep-conditioning. This will strengthen the hair follicles and condition them thoroughly. Hydrating spa restores the normal moisture balance of the hair and can be done once a fortnight.

Use natural, hair packs:

Always use natural hair packs. These are safer to use on hair and don’t harm it as the chemical products do.

Olive oil and egg white hair pack:

Make a thick mixture of olive oil, egg white and honey (optional). Leave it on for 30 minutes and rinse off. This helps you to do away with dryness of hair.

Lemon mask:

A mixture of honey, lemon and olive oil is great for dandruff.

Some rules to remember and abide by:

Quit smoking: It sounds tough but you need to compromise on this to ensure soft and healthy tresses! Smoking makes the hair go dull and dry. Ensure proper dietary regime for healthy growth of hair.

Insomnia will accelerate hair fall: Make sure you are getting good amount of sleep. Insomnia is the main reason behind hair fall.

Alcohol damages hair: Do not use products containing alcohol. Some hair sprays and gels contain alcohol which makes hair go dry.

Make the most of our tips and flaunt those oh-so-beautiful tresses!

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