Flower Decoration For Hair

There is something magical about flowers, their simplicity is mesmerising. A bloom woven into your tresses is more than just a style statement, it can make you appear full of natural grace and beauty. To make your simple hairstyle elegant, just tuck in a beautiful flower. The smell and the colour will add that touch of oomph to your personality. Hairstyling with flowers and easy to achieve, one can it at home. All you need to do is choose the right flower and fix it at the right place.

We share some of the flowery details to help you choose the right flower.

1) Rose – Rose is the ultimate symbol of romantic love and passion, it has also been sacred to God and Goddesses. The royal rose is native to Asia but a few species are scattered across the world. Rose is available in a palette of various colours. Red rose symbolises love and romance, pink rose is often given as a token of admiration, yellow represents innocence while lavender signifies love at first sight. So the colour of rose you wear will give out the message about your personal life. We suggest a deep wine rose for a romantic candlelit supper.

2) Jasmine – Hold a string of Jasmine flowers in the palm of your hand and take its fragrance. Jasmine has been used in Asia, especially in India as a traditional hair flower. Women dress up in their ethnic wear and tuck these flowers into their buns and plaits. It has been used as an aphrodisiac by the Arabs, Chinese and Indians. South Indians usually adorn the bride’s hair with strings of these flowers.

3) Gerbera – This flower was discovered in the late 19th century in South Africa. Gerbera can be seen bobbing proudly on a long piped stem. These blossoms are from the sunflower family and are available in a rainbow of colours from pure white to deep reds, with bright oranges, pinks, yellows and so on. Gerbera is known to spread happiness and cheer.

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