Fight Hair Fall

You surely hate to see your precious strands gathering in the comb, pillow, floor and your hands everytime you run your fingers through it. Well, not any more, with our home care treatments and some tender loving care you can arrest hair fall. The first step to beautiful, healthy hair is gentleness. Be gentle with your hair. You would have heard this before that you should be gentle with your hair, but it’s true.

Follow these simple tips to save your crowning glory.

* Do not rub your hair vigorously, this creates tension in your hair. Always blot the towel after washing, this will avoid ruffling of the cuticles.

* Avoid brushing through wet hair, use a wide toothed comb instead. Gently detangle the strands to avoid breakage. To avoid tangling, comb your hair before washing.

* When your hair is dry, don’t  over brush. This does more harm than good and will make your cuticles rough.

* Value the importance of conditioner in hair care. Apart from the regular conditioning, also indulge in an intensive conditioning treatment once a week. A weekly hair mask can be a miracle for dull and lifeless hair.

* Use a silk pillow case while sleeping, this will keep the hair smooth. Cotton is a bit coarse and can rough the cuticles.

* Use a serum after every wash, it is light on your hair and wont weigh down your tresses. Dump your leave-in conditioner during summer, it is good for winters.

* In order to prevent hair fall, keep your hair clean. Clean hair will shine with health. Washing is a vital part of the shine-enhancing process. The classic mistake people commit is they don’t rinse out the conditioner completely. Product residue can make your hair limp and dull. Follow these simple tips for a healthy mane.

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