Face Types

Your face shape is the starting point to get gorgeous, be it styling hair or make up. It depends a great deal on the facial structure. So it is important to identify the face shape.

Square – A broad forehead and a strong jawline usually dominate a square face. People with this kind of face shape should opt for long wispy layers and soft waves to slim down the widest areas. It will balance the squarish hairline. Chin length styles like bobs and blunts should be avoided since they will define the squareness.

Round – If you have full, circular cheeks, the wrong cut can make you look chubby so go for feathered or layered hair. The hair should fall on the face to help create a slimmer shape, alternatively to give your face a defined shape you can go for cropped cut. Side fringes will also suit the face, avoid styles that pull the hair off the face.

Heart – This face shape is similar to oval shape but it narrows below the cheekbones and usually has a chin that’s defined and pointed. Its best to avoid fringes, but balance out small jawlines by opting for styles that are fuller at the ends. The ends should widen the chin and jaw bone.

Oval – Oval shape has perfectly proportioned and balanced features. This face type has narrow forehead, wide cheekbones and a small chin. The best part of this structure is that any style will suit the face, be it layers, fringes, short or long.

Long – Long faces suit most styles but should have some body and volume to stop the face from being dragged down. Full fringes can work well on this face shape.

Choose a hairstyle which best suits your facial structure, a good stylist will be able to camouflage the flaws and highlight the shape.

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