Eyelash Extension

Long, curled lashes are every womans desire, they open up the eyes and instantly pep up the looks. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with thick eye lashes but don’t lose heart. We have a rescue for all your eyelash problems. We first recommend some home care tips to increase the growth of your eyelashes. One of the age old remedy which is known to be effective is castor oil, apply castor oil on your lashes but be careful with your eyes. Dab the excess oil with a tissue paper. If this doesn’t help then invest in a good quality lash building mascara, there are many options available these days.

They come with a primer i.e. a base coat and a top coat and make your lashes appear almost 3 times thicker. If you are not happy even with this kind of volume, then the last resort would be false lashes or lash extensions.

Here is all you need to know about eyelash extensions, you can either get it done at a salon or do-it-yourself at home with eyelash kits are available over the counter. The lashes are fixed a non-irritating glue on the upper eyelid and it is difficult to make out if the lashes are real or artificial.

These lashes can be worn and removed with ease, while sticking them you would need an injection (obviously without the needle) to apply the glue appropriately and for removing them all you need is baby oil or any other oil. Do not use too much of glue, spot application will do the trick.

You can also use a fine pointed tool like a toothpick or the nib of a fountain pen to apply the glue but be careful with such tools or you may hurt your eyes. Secure the lashes firmly on your lash line. The false lashes can be treated like your natural ones, so apply mascara to your false lashes and blend them with your natural lashes. You can also trim the length of the lash extensions if you find them to be too long. To cover the lash line, use a black eyeliner and draw a thick line.

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  1. Nicole says:

    It is amazing what a difference lashes make to your face… I started using Revitalash after lash extension destroyed my natural lashes and I look sooo good now! People say my eyes look more beautiful and I look more awake or they aren’t sure what is different but they know I look good!! I would seriously recommend looking into trying Revitalash, it is guarenteed…

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