Eye Makeup Tips, Tools and Techniques

Eyes are one of the essential beauty features of the face of an individual. It is very important for an individual to do eye make up in a proper way, so that the beauty of the face is augmented. The confidence level of an individual is enhanced if an individual looks good and beautiful. Make up helps a great deal in augmenting the personality of an individual. Let us here discuss about various eye make up tips, tools and techniques, which would help in enhancing the look of the eyes of an individual.

In order to enhance the look of the eyes, eye shadow plays a very important role. An individual needs to apply eye shadow base on the eyelids before the application of eye shadow. This would help in making the eye shadow stay for a longer period of time on the eyelids. After the application of eye shadow base, eye shadow is applied on the eyelids.

Make use of three toned eye shadow to define the eyes properly. Eye shadow brush is used for applying eye shadow. Make sure that all the three colors are blended properly, so that an even look is obtained.

After the application of eye shadow, eye liner is applied on the eyelids. An individual can make use of liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner to define the look of the eyes. Start from the inner corner of the eye and proceed towards the outer corner while applying eye liner. Eye liner is first of all applied on the upper eye lash line. If an individual desires, she can put the eye liner on the below eye lash line too.

Eye lash curler is then used to curl the eyelashes. A well defined look of the eyelashes is attained with the help of eye lash curler.

Mascara is then applied on the eye lashes to define the look of the eyes. Application of mascara helps in making the eye lashes look thicker and volumous. A single coat of mascara is applied on the upper eyelashes and lower eye lashes. It is then allowed to dry for a minute or two. Thereafter, the second coat of mascara is applied to finish the eye make up.


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