Eye Makeup Tips for Teens: How to do Gothic Looks

In order to achieve gothic look of the eyes, you need to concentrate on your eye liner and eye shadow. Gothic eye make up helps in imparting a dramatic look to the eyes. Teenagers are very fond of doing gothic eye make up.

Here we are going to discuss about some of the tips for teenagers to achieve gothic looks.Dark colored eye liner is one of the best ways to achieve gothic looks. Make use of liquid eye liner to draw a smooth and sharp line on the eyelids. You can play a lot with liquid eye liner to attain gothic looks.

You just need to have a smooth and steady hand to apply liquid eye liner in a perfect manner. Black colored eye liner is preferred the most. However, you can also go for other dark colors such as green, purple and blue for creating a line on the eye lids.

These eye liner shades also look great and help in attaining a perfect gothic look of the eyes. You can apply eye liner on both upper eye lash line and lower eye lash line. Also, you can go for different colors at the bottom and top. Eye liner can also be extended beyond the eye lids for creating designs.

Now comes the turn of applying eye shadow. You can experiment with various colors while applying eye shadow on the eye lids. Plum, dark red and emerald shades help in imparting a perfect gothic look.

Yellow and turquoise shades are also preferred by some women. Mix and match different colors to achieve a great look of the eyes. Green and purple colors go very well along with each other. You can make use of silver and gray to attain a smoky look.

Glitter is one of the important features of gothic eye make up. In order to attain a shimmery effect, fine glitter can be sprinkled over the eye make up. Q tip can also be used to add shimmer.

Dampen the Q tip and dip it in glitter. Thereafter, apply it on the eyes over the eye shadow. Make sure that the glitter does not get into your eyes. A perfect gothic look of the eyes would be attained as a result.


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