External Factors Causing Hair Damage

The beauty and personality of a woman are highly dependant upon the health of her hair. If the hair are healthy, beautiful and shiny, hair styling becomes easier. A good hair style helps a great deal in increasing the confidence level of a woman.

It is very important for women to make sure to take proper care of their hair, so that hair damage is reduced and the beauty of the hair is maintained. There are many factors which affect the health of the hair. Both external and internal factors are responsible for deteriorating the health of the hair.

The internal factors that are responsible for hair damage are hormonal imbalance and genetics. Hair damage due to these factors is difficult to resolve. Apart from internal factors, there are some external factors which influence the health of the hair. These include environment, nutrition, hair styling etc. Let us here have a discussion on external factors causing hair damage.

The sun’s rays are very harmful for the hair and lead to hair frizz and hair dryness. It is very important to protect the hair from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, so as to reduce hair damage.

Therefore, you should make sure to wear sunscreen on your hair before you go out in the sun. Also, wear a wide brimmed hat while going out in the sun, so as to guard against direct exposure of the hair to sun.

Another external factor that results in hair damage is lack of nutrition. Improper nutrition can lead to hair problems such as hair loss, hair dryness and hair frizz. It is very important for you to make sure to feed the hair with appropriate nutrients, so as to prevent hair damage.

Take a healthy and well nutritious diet, enriched with fresh fruits, green vegetables, milk, yogurt, soybean, fish, nuts and apricots, so that the health of the hair is improved and hair damage is prevented.

Heat generating hair styling equipments such as flat iron, curling iron and blow dryer are very damaging for the hair and make the hair dry and frizzy. So, use of such equipments for styling the hair should be minimized, so as to prevent hair damage.


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