Explore The World Of Bangs

Bangs look fabulous and have made a comeback this season. They add a touch of elegance and oomph. The one that is making waves in the fashion world is not the heavy types. Though, a full bang is also in trend, but the lighter one sported by Katrina Kaif looks super cool.

Bangs too, like any other style need some good styling and care. There are ways to maintain your bangs and keep them looking cool. You can play around with your bangs by wearing them differently.

This will not only add versatility to your style, it will also kill boredom. Bangs can look very monotonous and boring after few days, so add life to them by modifying it.

Here are simple ways of styling your bangs in different ways:

Volume – Yes, you can add some volume to your bangs too. No, we are not talking about heavy volume, just a little created while blow drying your bangs can do the job. Simply use a round brush and some mousse on damp hair while styling your bangs. This style will also camouflage a large nose. It will look slightly curved-in from the sides.

Side Sweep – Side swept bangs can instantly change your look. But can be a bit difficult to style, you would certainly need some styling gel while blow drying your bangs. Use a medium hold gel to keep the bangs in place.

Out-curled bangs – You can even out curl your bangs aka Madonna style or the desi Esha Deol type. Side swept flicked out bangs look fabulous and are high on the style quotient. But need rollers and styling gel to keep them in place.

Always bear in mind that bangs need a trim every two weeks to keep them in good shape and condition. Grown out bangs look tacky and mess and will keep poking in your eyes. Bangs should be trimmed regularly, some salons offer a free bang trim, so check out such offers.

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