Evening Makeup

With the festive season at its peak, evening soirees and endless partying give you an opportunity to get all decked up. Evening make up need not be very different from your day makeup but you can definitely add more glamour and get a bit adventurous.

Step by step guide to evening makeup:

1) Concealer – Blend the concealer gently, use a shade which exactly matches your skin tone. If you have dark circles a hint of yellow base gives natural results. Use concealer which is in the form of stick not a cake.

2) Base – Evening makeup requires good staying power, unlike day makeup. The makeup should stay long hours to withstand a night of dancing and not to mention the sweating. The base should be reliable it should not wear out or fade. An oil based tinted moisturizing tube or a pan stick are perfect as base, follow it with translucent powder to set the base. Highlight your T zone with some bronzer.

3) Blusher – Use a two toned blusher to enhance your cheekbones. Apply a darker shade under the cheekbone and the lighter one above it. To identify the exact cheek bone area, smile a bit the area which is raised while smiling is the cheekbone. Always apply blusher in circular movements.

4) Eyes –
Outline your eyes and use bold colours of eyeshadow. You can use brown, bronze, rust and orange or purple with black for smoky eyes. Also add highlighters at the brow bone, choose from gold, silver or bronze they add a glam touch to your eyes. Always use a 3 shade eyeshadow wherein the shades are from the same colour family. Apply a thick coat of mascara from the roots to the tips of your lashes, followed by eyeliner and kajal.

5) Lipstick – Lipstick adds that much needed oomph to your looks, whether its shimmer, glossy, sheer or shine choose a shade that suits you best, don’t match it to the T with the outfit. But try to blend the shade with the outfit and your natural skin complexion. Do not create artificial lips with a lip liner.

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