Essential Oil of Geranium

The use of plants to cure diseases is as old as the human race perhaps even older. Animals for instance, have always sought out particular herbs or grasses when they are unwell. Man has always been dependent on the nutritional value of the plant world. Aromatic substances also played important roles in the medicinal practices of the Indian, Hebrew and Arabic civilizations. Holistic aromatherapists believe that essential oils enter and affect the mind and body by two principal routes – the olfactory system and skin.

When inhaled the oils work as triggers on the central nervous systems and when applied to the skin they permeate through the cappillaries. The essential oils are contained in tiny sacs or glands which are concentrated in different parts of the plant.

They may be found in petals, leaves, roots etc. The more oil glands present in the plant the cheaper the oil and vice versa. These essential oils are extracted through various methods like distillation, carbon dioxide extraction, percolationm, expression and solvent extraction.

We shall talk about the essential oil of Geranium and its uses in hair care. This plant is native to Africa and was brought to Europe in the late 17th Century. This oil is an all-rounder and has a rich sweet aroma and is usually greenish-yellow in colour. It normalizes the secretion of sebum and reduces inflammation. It is thus effective for curing dandruff and other hair conditions like dry and frizzy hair.

When this essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil (Jojoba), the combination is like a house on fire. It works wonders for your hair making it soft, smooth, shiny and lustrous. These oils also known to contain hair fall. The oil needs to be massaged in the scalp at least once in a week for best results. With Aromatherapy, you need to be patient to see visible results so give yourself at least one month before you start looking for the results of usage.

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