Effects of Hair Dye

Hair dye is a solution to cover the silver streak in the black hair, well we are often not prepared to face the situation when we start greying. It is best to go grey gracefully than resort to hair dye to cover up your tresses. Hair dye also has its own side effects no matter how mild it is and frequent use can play havoc with your scalp and skin.

Some hairdyes are known to cause allergic reactions after prolonged use. So don’t be surprised if your dye itches and gives you boils and rashes on your scalp, not just that some people also face swelling of the entire face. Over a period of time your skin and scalp can become allergic to the hair dye and cause extreme reactions.

Also do not get lured by the word “Herbal” no hair colour can ever be herbal apart from Henna (known as Mehendi). When we talk about mehendi let me also mention that the other type of mehendi known as ” Kali Mehendi” is equally dangerous. Use only the normal green henna powder. It is therefore advisable to use hair dye as aparingly as possible.

Some home remedies can also be used to cover grey hair and to prevent further greying.

1) Black pepper and curd – Mix approximately 1 gm of black pepper powder to a small bowl of curd (100 gms) and apply this paste once in a week and wash it off after half an hour, it will not only make your hair black but will also cure dandruff and act as a conditioner.

2) Boil tea leaves in water and strain itadd 2 teaspoons of salt and leave it for 1 hour, wash it with warm water. Follow this regime once in a fortnight to see visible difference in the hair colour.

3) Mix juice of bottle gourd in Olive oil and apply to hair, this will make your hair long, black, thick and shiny.

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