Drool Worthy Pout

The perfect pout is not a dream anymore with these simple steps you can achieve the desirable lips, beautiful and fuller. To start with ensure that your lips are moisturised, cracked lips are a complete turn off, moreover your lipstick will start flaking if your lips are dry and cracked. Use lip balm or gel generously atleast twice in a day, it hydrates your lips and will keep them soft. No matter what season, be it summer or winter moisturising your lips is a must. This is the first step for a perfect pout, the next is lipstick application. Always use a lipstick with a lip liner and apply the lipstick first then outline it with a liner, never use a liner which is a shade darker than the lipstick use a liner of the same shade.

To make your lips look fuller you can either use a Lip Plumper which is very much in demand these days or you can apply lipstick in a manner so as to create an illusion of fuller lips. Lip plumpers, though easily available in the market have ingredients which you may not want to wear on your lips. So read the ingredients carefully before you buy one, incase you are a vegetarian you can opt for a product which does not have any animal ingredient.

There are products which use Camphor and Menthol, these are very strong and cause irritation and the delicate lip area swells a bit and gives fuller lips. Having known how lip plumpers work if you wish to choose the latter option, all you have to do is use a little shimmer in the center of your lips and blend it carefully, the shimmer will create an illusion of fuller lips. If you have very thick lips and would prefer a little thinner, then line your lips inside the natural lip line and wear darker shades, this will give you a perfect pout. Do not wear lip gloss or shimmer as it tends to add volume.

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