DIY Hairstyles

Doing a hairstyle by yourself can be a pain in the neck, you not only need patience but also need loads of time. Not to mention the artistic skill required for getting your hairstyle right. Well, not any more with our simple styling tips, you can achieve a glamorous hair do, all by yourself at home. We share a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) guide for styling your hair. It is simple and can be achieved in minutes, get that salon effect with these simple hairstyling tricks.

1) Curls – Curls are a hot this season, they can be styled in anyway to look cute or to add a sex appeal. Give your curls a “to die for” look, you just need some hair products and tools. To get your curls right, wash your hair and scrunch it with an anti-frizz product from a reputed brand. When you want to curl your hair make sure you follow the steps in following order; wash, comb and apply product. You cannot comb your hair after applying product. Allow your hair to dry naturally as your beautiful curls unfurl.

2) Bob – Bob is another classic style which never seems to be going out of style. If you have a bob or medium length hair then go for a tousled, just out of the bed look. To get those look, towel dry your hair and apply volumizing mousse meant for fine hair. This will give you a lasting hold, now flip your head upside down and blast hair dry on a medium heat setting. This will lift the roots and add volume even at the roots. Now flip hair back and blow dry the lengths using your fingers to help scrunching. Apply texturising spray or soft wax to create separation for that tousled look. Dry your ends completely but keep the mid-lengths slightly damp so as to achieve a tousled look.

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