Diva Style Hair

Hair can play a vital role in transforming your looks. It can make you look like a diva, but you should know to style it appropriately. The best tool for styling is a hair dryer. It adds a lot of versatility and usually suits all hair types. But never use a dryer on wet hair, always use it on damp hair. It can add loads of volume, so even if you have thin and fine hair, you can achieve a voluminous look.

We give you a complete run down on blow drying, follow these steps for that diva kind of hair, perfect for the red carpet occasion.

Step 1 – Shampoo your hair and follow up with a conditioner. Blast it with a dryer until it is 70% dry. Next, flip your head to one side and spritz on some hair spray. Spray sparingly, for a subtle hold and comb with a wide toothed comb, to ensure that the product is distributed evenly. This will also help in removing tangles and snarls.

Step 2 – If you want to create super voluminous hair, include a roller in your styling technique. Use a big round brush and wrap around a four inch section of hair, closer to the root. This will lift the root and create volume. Hold on the brush in the same position and direct the nozzle of your dryer towards the hair. Now, blow dry for 1 minute, next change the setting to cool and blow dry for another 1 minute. This will bring the temperature of your hair back to normal. Unwind the section, smooth through with a brush, then roll up and repeat.

Step 3 – Massive root lift is what you want then follow the first 2 steps and use your fingers to lift your root. You can also try a little bit of back combing, but be careful, back combing can create horrendous tangles in your hair.

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