Difference Between Hair Gel And Mousse

Hair mousse is used for styling the hair, it holds the hair in place and keeps your hairstyle perfect throughout the day. Hair mousse is available in the form of foam spray, it adds a lot of volume to the hair. It is usually applied on dry hair, before styling and is available in a lighter version which doesn’t add too much of volume. Hair mousse is often confused with hair gel, though both of them hold the hair but the effect is different on hair. Hair gel becomes hard when dry but mousse remains soft, gelled hair cannot be combed.

Hair mousse combs out easily since the hair is soft. Hair mousse is available in a container that dispenses foam, whereas hair gel is available either in plastic tubes or jars with a lid. Hair gel feels like jelly and hair mousse is in the form of liquid by the aerosol container dispenses it in the form of foam.

There are plenty of brands available in the market but choose one without alcohol since alcohol dries out the hair. Also check the quality of the mousse, conduct this easy test. Just disperse a small amount of mousse on your palm and see how it expands, if it remains mostly in its liquid state then the quality is not that great.

A good quality mousse will expand properly and will also be easy to apply on the hair. Hair gel is more suitable for holding stiff hairstyles like spikes or waves, sharp edges and so on, but hair mousse can be used for free flowing hairstyles. Hair gel is available in various strengths like strong hold, medium hold and mild hold.

These days super hold or extra strong hold gels are also available. Hair mousse is usually available as per the texture of hair for example, straight or curly hair, volumizing mousse and so on. The latest addition to hair gel is the coloured and shiny hair gel, it is also available in the form of hair wax. So make an informed decision before you buy your gel or mousse.

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