Decorating nails

Nail art has become very popular these days with digital nail art being in demand. Nail art is nothing but a way of decorating nails to match them with the outfit or too add funk. Earlier painting the nails with nail polish was the only way of dressing your nails but with nail art there are lots of options to splurge. Well maintained hand and toe nails not only add to your overall beauty but also boost your level of confidence. Nail art can be simple in the form of French manicure, where only the tips of the nail is painted white and the rest of the nail polished with natural pink or nude colour. A little more complex type of nail art is with stencils. There are stencils in the shape of flowers and the nails are painted in two colours, a base which is light with some bright coloured flower.

These stencils are available in various shapes from flowers to cartoon characters or just abstract designs. Some other simple nail art procedures use stickers, the sticker simply needs to be stuck on your nails and a transparent coat of nail polish is applied to fix it. This method is very simple and can be done at home without any help from expert. Apart from stickers there are other alternatives like embellishments in the form of stones, flowers, glitter etc.

If you are creative then design your own nails, they actually become a canvas for your expression. Digital nail art however cannot be done at home.With this type of nail art you can actually print any type of picture on your nails. All you have to do is take a picture of an object, person, etc and get is reproduced on your nails, it is an exact replica and you will be amazed by this technology. The image is scanned in a computer and then you are asked to place your hand in a machine which prints the design on your nails.

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